About SALOmandry

The area where "SaloMandry" restaurant is located was formerly known as Kovbyzh. It was at the glorious times of Princess Olga’s reign of Kievan Rus back in 945-964 when during her Drevlians' campaigns she loved that place. Long after that also the Polish szlakhtiches, the Kiev princes and, later, Ukrainian hetmanate have chosen it. And nowadays anyone who drove through the Zhytomir highway, certainly paid attention to this picturesque corner on 68 kilometre.

While passing by this road, on the right you will see a wooden building surrounded by affable birch grove. Safely park your car, come in and right from a threshold you will plunge into the world of delights of Ukrainian and European cuisine. A warm welcome and Ukrainian hospitality are guaranteed to everyone: both arrived on a banquet and droped in for a cup of coffee.

When you plan a celebration, there are two halls for 60 places at your service, festive dishes at the reasonable prices and wide repertoire of music accompaniment. This getaway is a perfect place for group or private dining away from a bustling city, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you can enjoy a mouthwatering shashlik masterly cooked on mangal (barbecue).

The national style interior, inimitable in its beauty, will delight your eye and various dishes are worthy of culinary masterpieces title, as our cooks prepare them only from fresh and quality products. Moreover in summer greens and vegetables for our menu are being grown on a restaurant's own garden.

The cooking deserves a special story, but it should be noted that fragrant bread and the majority of dishes are prepared in a real wood oven.

When the spring warmth is coming and you wouldn't like to stay indoors, come to relax on our open terrace for 24 places, and for your children there is an especially equipped playground!

However, “seeing is believing”, so come to the “SaloMandry” restaurant, allow us to satisfy your appetite and get evidence yourself!

We are open 24 hours a day.

Look forward to you!