When we talk about cooking the conversation inevitably comes to the Chef. This is the person who creates all that tasty dishes we enjoy sitting at a restaurant's table. All starts with the Chef and it is he/her we are grateful to for the delicious meal.

In the SaloMandry restaurant all culinary masterpieces are created by our Chef Yury Voznyuk with his team of four assistants.

Yury has plenty of instruments for cooking at his disposal, but definitely it is not only the utensils which metter. Firstly it is his six-year experience and skills in preparation of dishes of different cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Georgian, Russian, Ukrainian and other European varieties.

Secondly, each of the menu items is based on our Master's principles. There are a few principles, but they guarantee the unique taste. The dishes should be simple, prepared within 30 minutes not to make our guests wait, and using exclusively fresh, high-quality ingredients. And certainly inspired and spiced with the Chef 's passion and love for his work.

In our restaurant Yury usually cookes dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisines. He is the author of every dish you can find in the menu: salads, soups and entrees, desserts, dishes cooked on mangal (a special charcoal grill) and in the wood-fired brick oven.

Let's have a closer look at our Chef's expertise. Yury's has mastered the skills of cooking meat as an apprentice to a famous Argentine cook Jose Antonio Ruiz. The peculiarity of Argentine tradition is the absence of marinade and spices which would overpower the natural taste and flavour of meal, safe for some rosemary and thyme just to emphasize the smoky flavour and natural juicy taste of the meat.

Every day wood-fired oven is lit up to bake handmade bread and other dishes. Yury makes the dough of natural leaven and without any additives. It is necessary to note that our white spelt loaf is always the freshest bread baked in the morning, which we only serve during the day. Whereas the rye one is served a day after, this twenty-four hours aging is necessary for this bread's aroma and taste to be proved. And from the dried breadcrumbs and raisins Yury prepares an authentic fragrant drink - kvas.

All the sweets in our menu are also his hands' creation. The Napoleon cake, baked apples, pies, pancakes, varenyky – he in person does it all. Not to mention all the pickles, marinaded and soaked vegetables where he is a true specialist. But what would you think our Chef cooks with special inspiration? Certainly! A borsch! In our wood-fired oven, in a special pottery, rich, with a light smoke aroma - a delicious traditional Ukrainian beet and vegetables soup borsch.

Yury is not going to stop on the results achieved, so he has a lot of further projects to realize his ideas: to expand mangal zone and to arrange weekly culinary shows where our guests would see with their own eyes how all that masterpieces are being masterfully prepared for them, would taste the meat cooked on skewer or in the oven, soups boiled on fire, and baked vegetables.

And that’s only a part of our Chef’s cooking skills. However, it’s better to check it out yourself.

So come to SaloMandry, bring your appetite and your celebration to us and see for yourself!